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Mayor Jim Langfelder

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Focused on doing what is Best for Springfield’s Future.


A lifelong resident of Springfield, I was elected Mayor in 2015. Some of my proudest achievements include extending Springfield’s Enos Park, SHA/Madison Park, Far East, and Down­town Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts allow­ing growth and redevelopment in Spring­field’s downtown and neighboring areas. These extensions have provided funding for the Realtors Bicentennial Plaza; installation of a new underground storm-sewer system under a 2 ¼ acre lot across from the Illinois Governor’s Mansion – making it development ready; funding for the new Downtown-Enos Park YMCA; the Centre at 501, which is home to the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce; the Kidzeum of Health & Science; along with housing redevelopment and job training. 


I have also been focused on the Spring­field Rail Improvements Project; collaborat­ing with federal, state, and local leaders to secure significant funding for relocating train traffic from Third Street, to a more efficient and secure loca­tion on 10th Street, along with the new multi-purpose HUB transit center.


During my tenure, I helped guide City Water, Light, & Power transition from a coal fire power plant to a mix-use sustainable energy plant. I am responsible for maintaining Springfield’s affordable and reliable water source, which is one of the most affordable in the Midwest. 


In 2020, I was one of 40 American mayors selected to participate in the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative’s intensive yearlong leadership and management program. I was also a panelist for the National League of Cities: City Summit and the U.S. Mayoral Roundtable on the topic, "Blueprint to Financing Projects for All Cities", focusing on how Springfield effectively used federal funds, local funds, and private sector support to finance community projects. 


Previously I worked in banking specializing in product and busi­ness development, was a Certified Treasurer Professional, and served as City Treasurer from 2003-2015. I am married to my wife Billie for 33 years and have three children and one grandchild.


First Time Initiatives

Greater Transparency

  • Held 40 Ward Planning Meetings

  • Conducted Police Chief Public Forums

  • Distribute a weekly e-newsletter providing residents city updates

    and announcements

  • Live stream and provide other online access of City Council and

    Public Utilities Meetings

    Enhanced Public Safety

  • Achieved Class 1 Fire Department Rating (first time in # years) or move to back panel

  • Implemented police body-worn cameras

  • Worked with other law enforcement agencies to implement Focus

    Deterrence Program to reduce gun violence

  • Established Homeless Outreach Team to connect homeless with

    support services

    Stimulated Economic Development and Growth

  • Double extension of the Downtown TIF injecting approximately $30 million for redevelopment

  • Established Sales Tax Rebates to offset development costs

  • Partnered with banks to implement the Justine Peterson Program

    providing Small Businesses alternative funding

  • Initiated Local Hiring requirement on City funded projects


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